Nimble is a car insurance startup that uses smartphone technology to understand individual driver behavior. Nimble provides car insurance to drivers. The company has differentiated itself by using individual driver behavior along with other factors which are all tracked through a mobile app to determine the premium customers pay.

Kelloggs South Africa

Kellogg-Tolaram, a joint venture between Kellogg Company and Tolaram Africa had planned to launch a new Noodles brand (ever heard of Kelloggs Noodles? I know right! But it does taste yum) in the South African market in early'18 and deployed a small managerial team in the region to launch operations. Even though they were part of a large company, they functioned very similar to a startup, which was right up our alley.


Kraftshala is currently a leading provider of educational content for marketing managers or for people who are looking to switch to a marketing career. This laser sharp focus on marketing has helped Kraftshala develop a huge following among marketing aficionados. They also have a platform that helps students connect to marketing experts in the industry through a video call.

Stanza Living

Stanza Living is a product that helps students find better accommodation near their colleges. Stanza Living aims to re-imagine student living for millions of students migrating in the country, through a hassle-free, tech-enabled and service-led housing experience. Stanza Living recently raised a series A of $10 million.


Rentster aims to help promote better management of properties for property owners, and provide a single platform to communicate with the tenants, receive payments and handle any issues with respect to maintenance.